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The Protective Services Division of Brown, Kaszak, & Associates is a full-service security firm that focuses on providing security risk management services, physical security, information security awareness and training, & corporate security services. We believe that sound security principles are a business enabler and should never be a cost deduction against the bottom line. Brown, Kaszak & Associates is well positioned to leverage our expertise and experience to deliver a solution that fulfills all of your security and risk management needs.


Our security professionals take a holistic approach in identifying threats to your organization as well as identifying vulnerabilities to those threats. Our assessment addresses the ‘people, processes and technology’ that make up your security program.


Our professionals ensure that your physical security policies are aligned with your information security policies and provide your organization with true protection in depth.


Brown, Kaszak, & Associates Protective Services Division offers a number of security services to the business community. Common service offerings include Uniformed Security Guards, Patrol Service, Hostile Terminations, and CCTV services.


Today’s world is host to numerous security threats. Ensure that your employees know how to respond to security incidents in a way that mitigates serious injury or death.

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We’ve Moved!

September 2016 marked our move to a new facility.  Located in Forest Hill, Maryland, our new office has plenty of space for client meetings, security workshops, and certification courses.

Of course, if you do not want to travel and need our security professionals to conduct on-site workshops, our industry-certified instructors are able to conduct seminars at your place of business.

Brown, Kaszak, & Associates serves all of Maryland and looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.